Hester at M&D's

Thanks for our Chrismoose cards!

We just wanted to say a big thank you for all your luverly Chrismoose cards! We have so many and they are all so beautiful. You are all very good and organised - we're afraid we're not very good at writing cards - Moab just falls asleep as soon as he sits down to do them, and I would rather shred them than write them. But we would like to wish all of our bun friends a very HOPPY CHRISMOOSE!

Our Mum bought us a brussel sprout tree the other day, but we have spurned it. It is still sitting in our tray, untouched. We have decided we are not sprout fans - sorry!

Moab and I just had a big fight. I was just wanting to play a bit of piggy back with him, and he turned round, chased me round the burrow and took a bite out of my bottom! He pulled out a big chunk of my beautiful fur and now I'm worried I might have a bald patch like that stupid buck had when he was moulting. Humph.

We have lots of travel to do over hrismoose and New Year, but we will try to keep you up to date.

Hester (and Moab, although I'm not talking to him)
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Moab and Hester Dorset

Poor hedge buns :-(

What a confusing day. We got woken up from our mid-morning snooze by the sound of the tin box on wheels coming home. We quickly woke up and sat expectantly, waiting for Mummy to come in and give us maybe treat or two, but she didn't arrive! It turns out the tin box on wheels came home on its own without Mummy, but piggy backing on top of a bigger tin box on wheels!

Hop-arrently, the brakes failed on the tin box and Mummy drove it into a hedge! Silly her! She came home later a lttle bit paler than she went out, talking about how lucky she was and what if there'd been a two-foot in the way. Well! We say she maywell have been lucky, but what about the bunnies that might have been kiving in the hedge? She doesn;t even seem to have spared a single thought for them....
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on the grass

Are you missing us...?

Hello buns!

Well we haven't posted for a very long time. We are terrible agents and we know it's just not acceptable. But in our defense we must say that our mean and cruel mother is restricting our access to the pooter. She say's it's not healthy bunny entertainment and we will get square eyes if we stare at a pooter screen all day. She says we should be more imaginative with the things we do to amuse ourselves and the problem with buns these days is that they have no imagination... She says we should spend more quality time together as a family instead of surfing the tinternet all day everyday.

we say....


But rest assured, although not active on screen, we are most certainly still active off screen and keep flying the LIA flag in this neck of the Bush.

We managed to chew a full hole in the lounge rug and have destroyed the wicker boxes so thoroughly that you can see right through them from one side to the other!

We had a proper fight the other day - all because I wanted a little bit of Hester's parsley - she wasn't having any of it and went for me! But don't worry, I defended my honour and fought back - much fur flew and Mummy heard the grunts from the kit-chin and had to come and separate us! We've made up now, but Hester is grunting at me a lot more these days - and grunting and Mummy and Daddy too - they say it's Pee Empty, whatever that is.

We've also managed to source some DELICIOUS hay that's grown speshally for us near our grandparents house. The man sent us 5 sackfuls in the post so we could give our approval and send Mummy and Daddy to pick up a whole load more when we go up there at Kiss-mas. He sent it to our Daddy's office and he had to bring it home with him on the tube - he said he got some funny looks and even started up a conversation with a man about house rabbits and how important hay is for buns. Anyway, the new hay is YUMMY - it's long and crunchy and has our favrit Timothy hay mixed in with it. It's so crunchy that Mummy and Daddy have to turn the TV up when we're tucking in because we are such noisy eaters with it!!

We hope everybun is OK. We are afraid we are so terribly behind on everybun's news. We will try to catch up, but if you'd like to fill us in on the essentials it would be much appreciated...

We will try to keep writing, but can't guarantee it under this new tyranical regime.
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Hester at M&D's

A message from Hester...

Hello everybun!

I'm pleased to announce that yesterday it was my BIRTHDAY!!!! I have now been round the sun one time and I got a special raisin-shaped treat in honour. I had a relaxing day, spent contemplating life in general, thinking about my Mummy, Jessamine, and rounded it off by chasing Moab around for half an hour in an attempt to play piggy back.

Moab is having yet another major moult at the moment and Mummy set about on some vigorous plucking last night. He said he was feeling much better afterwards, but when he turned his back, I noticed that he is now sporting an attractive-looking bald patch on his bum!!! He he he - don't tell him - I'm just enjoying secretely laughing at him - he'll be mortified when he finds out!!!

Hester xxx
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Moab and Hester Dorset

A report on Bored-ing


We survived being bored and returned to the burrow this morning. Mummy came to pick us up from the bored lady, looking very shame-faced,as well she should. We have been thoroughly ignoring her since and are looking forward to Daddy coming home from church so we can ignore him too.

We thought in the interests of the LIA, we should submit a report on bored-ing as we know this is something that perhaps not every bun has endured, but is one of the perils involved in owning lazy two-foo slaves that have the cheek to go on holly-day!

The bored lady lives near Mummy's work. She takes in buns whose useless humans have run off on holly-day and also poor buns who really did have completely useless humans and have neglected them or abundoned them and she takes in these poor bunnies, gives them love and care and tries to find them responsible two-foot slaves. As you will know, to our outrage, we were housed in a GARAGE for our bored-ing accomodation. Now, whilst this is very far from the luxury we are used to, we still had a spacious pen, with our own fan to keep us cool when it was hot outside and we got to run around in the bored lady's garden every evening. The plus of being in the garage was that we got to meet lots of other buns and had some very interesting chats to them. Some of them were lucky buns like us who have generally got their two-foots well trained, but there were other buns there who had some sad stories to tell, and this did make us feel rather lucky to have found our two-foots in general, although it didn't stop us being cross with them for abundoning us to a garage!

The bored lady is a temporary slave to us and all the other buns, but she is also a permanent slave to a Frenchie called Billy, who like us, enjoys a good flop. Billy was saved from a future life as a show bun by the bored lady and is now the grand old age of five and is well, although he has runny eyes. The bored lady was very complimentary about us, which we approved of. She said we were lovely healthy buns and had beautiful colours in our coats (of course!). She also complimented our shapely figures, saying we were a furpect weight, unlike lots of the buns that come to her for their holly-days who are fat and lazy! She was very interested in where we had come from as she said it was obvious we had good breeding. When Mummy told her we were from the Furry Mob, the lady had heard of Aunty Karen and said she was an excellent breeder and that she is the only really good and responsible Frenchie breeder that she knows of! We were glowing with pride that someone knows our family and recognises the talents of our Aunty Karen, who gave us such a good start in life.

So now we are home and we have been sure to give Mummy the silent treatment since arriving, in fact Hester refused to come out of our travel box for half an hour as a demonstration of her disgust! In actual fact, being bored wasn't so very bad for just a couple of weeks. It was interesting to meet some other buns and we got much fuss and admiration from all the visitors to the bored lady - we ensured we were the centre of attention at all times! And we were pleased to meet another Frenchie fan and get lots of compliments, as is only right of course! But we are not going to let Mummy and Daddy know that. We are going to hold out on the silent treatment until they get onto the Furry Mob's shop site and order us a blue package to compensate for our distress.

Hmmmm - what would you suggest we ordered?!
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on the grass

Weird doe

Honestly. I really can't bunderstand Hester at times.

Now I know I am the first to have a good old moan about our two foots. I mean, they have their faults, and many of them, but on the whole I'm glad they're my two foots.

They do give lovely back and shoulder massages and never tire of kissing me and telling me what a bunderful, handsome bunny I am - really what is there to complain about?! And there's nothing better than a good snuggle next to a two-foot while they stroke my lovely soft silky coat. And I even enjoy it when they pick me up and take me for a walk around the flat - I like getting the two-foot view on life! Oh yes, and you know when you're losing your coat in the summer and it's all itchy? Well, they do a great job of plucking it all out and giving me a good scratch. Oh and of course, two-foots taste great - I can sit and lick them all day!

But Hester! Hester hates it. She hates, hates, hates all of it! She won't let a two-foot near her. As soon as they touch her she runs off. And they can't even contemplate picking her up. They can't groom her or pluck her fur, so we always worry that she's going to swallow too much fur. She grunts at them all the time, even when they give us our dinner, which quite frankly I think is simply bad manners! And, horror of horrors, she even confided in me yesterday that she wishes she was an outdoor bun so she could avoid having to see the two-foots so much!

What is wrong with her? She's a complete weirdo. She really doesn't realise what she's missing out on. Are all does like this or have I got a faulty one?
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Moab and Hester Dorset

yet another example of the weakness and uselessness of two-foots

Well, just when we were getting our hopes up that Mummy was actually going to record our Bunny Tunes songs (we even heard her practicing and she's been on the pooter for ages looking for backing tracks), today she appears to have lost her voice. She has absolutely no voice whatsoever, just a squeek and a terrible ugly sounding cough. Honestly, what on earth can she have done with it? These two foots are so forgetful and so careless - fancy losing something as important as your voice at such a crucial time!

If anybun's seen our Mum's voice please could they send it back to her so we can get on with our recording?
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Moab & Hester at M&D's

Our May hollyday

Because we haven't been online much recently, we forgot to tell you about our lovely hollyday we had over the last Bank Hollyday. We went to Dorset with our Mummy and Daddy and Mummy's brother and his doe. We had a lovely cottage to go exploring in it - it had carpet AND stairs, two of our favorite things to play on. And a really big garden, where we had to go out in regularly to supervise our two-foots.

And this was our view

Unfortunately half of that cliff fell into the sea the day after we left. We are a little concerned it might have been all the stamping we did. We hope we can rely on your discretion as we don't want to get arrested for vandalism!

We've heard a rumour that there's another Bank Hollyday this weekend and we a fully expecting another high quality hollyday...
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Moab sitting up

The carrot vandal

Well you will be pleased to hear I have pulled myself out of the duldrums and am feeling much better today.

We think we have discovered why our carrots aren't growing. We have been watching out of the window and today we saw the culprit. A horrible big fat ugly meow hops over the wall and digs in EGGSACTLY the place where our carrots are sposed to be growing!

What can we do to punish this horrible carrot ruining vandal?
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