Moab and Hester (moab_bunny) wrote,
Moab and Hester

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At odds

Hester and I disagree on a fundamental.

We had a lovely weekend at Grannie Annie's last weekend to celery-brate Mummy's birthday. At Grannie Annie's we have the option of being indoors or outdoors - the door is left open for us all day when the two-foots are home.

Hester has now decided that she wants to be an outdoor bun. She spent all weekend outdoors even when it was raining! Me, I took in the air now and then, but am far more at home snuggled up indoors with the two-foots.

Now we're home, she can't stop going on about how much better it would be if we were outdoors all the time, away from the two-foots. She's making me nervous - what if she manages to persuade them?!
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