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Hollyday snaps

Hello Buns!

Just thought I should drop you a line to let everybun know we are still here!

We had a luverly hollyday at Grannie Sue's in February.

It was a real chance to relax and put my feet up...

... find inner sanctuary with a bit of bunny yoga

... and catch up on some much needed sleep - whatever the time, wherever the place

You'll note there aren't any ics on Hester. This is because she spent her hollyday chewing Grannie Sue's skirting boards and jumping over the bunny fence to get to the tasty-looking pooter wires. This, obviously had to be done under the cover of darkness and therefore could not be photographed.

Of course, in order to ensure we had a fully relaxing hollyday, we had to find somewhere to send our two-foots. We searched and searched to find somewhere that they really wouldn't enjoy too much - to punish them for going off to werk and abundoning us everyday. Eventually we found the perfick horrible hollyday for them...

First they had to go on a horrible big burrow that floats on water and contains thousands of other smelly two-foots

They were forced to drink disgusting-looking drinks

And eat weird food

And all they could do all day was lie around in horrible places where there's no grass to chew, the sand gets up your mostrils and the water is too salty to drink, like this...

and this - ugh!

And this.... (the other lady is Grannie Annie - we sent them with her and Grandad Rob and Uncle James and Auntie Sarah)

We made them swim in the salty water with a big tube attached to their face

And row a tiny little boat

and walk up big hill to look at boring views

They saw some funny flowers that they bdidn't even bring home for us to nibble on - humph

And weird animals with no fur (some of which like to engage in Hester's favorite pastime!)

And strange birds that fall out of the sky

Eventually though, they found some buns! Can you spot them all? Mummy said they were much more laid back that the wild buns at home, and funny colours too...

And, just when they thought they were coming to the end of the torture. They had to get in a scary little plane that was about to fall apart, fly off to another island, where hardly anyone else lived and do it all over again for another week!

What does everybun think? Did we do a good job of giving them a horrible punishment for being useless two-foots or what?!

Moab and Hester xx
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