Moab and Hester (moab_bunny) wrote,
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Hoppy New Year

Hoppy New Year everybun! We hope you had a lovely time.

Our sneaking into werk with Mummy plan really paid off (report on two-foot werk to follow). Because, unbeknown to us, after werk Mummy drove straight to Cambridgeshire to stay with our friends Uncle James and Auntie Julia and because we happened to be with her, we got to go too! We got to stay for two whole days and they have a nice big garden with real grass that we got to binky in.

We didn't get much sleep though, becuase the silly two-foots kept us awake both nights playing silly games and drinking giggly juice.

So we're off to catch up on our sleep and once we're fully recovered, we'll post a report telling you about what two-foots do at that place called werk.

M&H xxx
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