Moab and Hester (moab_bunny) wrote,
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There's just no pleasing these two-foots

Mummy and Daddy have been home ALL DAY today and they spent the WHOLE DAY either in bed or wrapped up in the duvet on the sofa, being generally lazy.. Now, in our opinion, this is the perfect way to spend your day, especially since they've been complaining about how busy they've been recently. Not only did they get to sleep most of the day, but they also spent lots of time with us! Perfect!

But were they pleased about it?

Not on your Nelly. All they've done ALL DAY is moan and groan and made an excessive number of trips to the litter tray room, where they made some terrible noises (and smells! - ugh!). They've also turned an interesting shade of green - we know two-foots don't look god with so little fur anyway, but believe us, they look even worse green!

As we say. There's just no pleasing them...
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