on the grass

Strange goings on

We are suspishus.

Our burrow has been filled with boxes and all the two foots' stuff is going in them. Mummy and Daddy are racing around doing 50 things at once and we have been locked behind the bars ALL WEEK!

Stomp. We are not impressed - something is amiss and we think it must be bad.

On the other paw, the good news is Grannie Sue is coming down on Friday and taking us back to Staffyshire with her for a good long hollyday. Mummy says they might have a suprise for us when we come back - what can it be?!
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Moab & Hester at M&D's

The stench!

It's offishall.

Two foots STINK!!

The the two-foot litter tray hasn't been flushing well recently so they got a man in to look at it. he lifted up a big metal plate in the garden, said "oh ***$$$!!!" and trailed a big hose through our burrow into our garden.

The next thing we knew, the burrow was engulfed in the most indescribably disgusting smell in the world ever. It is simply impossible to tell you how disgusting it was - ugh!! We can still smell it now, even 24 hours later.

Two-foots are disgusting dirty smelly creatures. Ugh ugh uggh.
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Moab & Hester at M&D's

Lucky buns

It's times like this when we are grateful we live in a basement burrow with no natural light.

The two-foots come in every evening, hot red and glowing, while we're been keeping cool cool cool in the burrow all day! By the time we get let out in the garden for our run around, it's just the furpect temperature!

We are lucky buns - anybun want to come and join us? xx
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on the grass

Our needs

Moab needs....
.....you - to go swimming
.....to be built on a machine with hyperthreading turned on (?!!!)
.....a dog park
.....no introduction to the 4x4 community


Hester needs....
....help (well they got that right...)
....to learn how to work
.....to play
....better blocking
...more comments

Think they were a bit more accurate with Hester than me!
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on the grass

We're in chains

We would like to request your help.

I think some of you know that Hester and I found and ordered our new burrow, several months ago. Well, we must say, we are getting impatient - why on earth don't we have our lovely new burrow yet?! Well we've discovered that hopparently we are tied up in a chain. We haven't actually seen this chain, but we think it must be attached to the front of our burrow, seeing as we only go out to play around the back and we haven't seen it there. We think it must be a pretty good strong chain, because Mummy and Daddy have been trying for weeks to get us out of it, but no joy.

So, our plan is to get an army of buns to chew through the chain. So please please pretty please can all our friends hop along to Shepherd's Bush and help us to chew our way through the chain?

Yours hopefully,
Moab and Hester xx
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Moab sitting up

At odds

Hester and I disagree on a fundamental.

We had a lovely weekend at Grannie Annie's last weekend to celery-brate Mummy's birthday. At Grannie Annie's we have the option of being indoors or outdoors - the door is left open for us all day when the two-foots are home.

Hester has now decided that she wants to be an outdoor bun. She spent all weekend outdoors even when it was raining! Me, I took in the air now and then, but am far more at home snuggled up indoors with the two-foots.

Now we're home, she can't stop going on about how much better it would be if we were outdoors all the time, away from the two-foots. She's making me nervous - what if she manages to persuade them?!
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Moab & Hester at M&D's


All day two-foots have been moving furniture around upstairs. We have new neighbours moving in and they have made so much noise ALL DAY - we've hardly got any sleep.

Just when we thought it had quietened down, Mummy came home and put the washing machine on!

We are sooooooo going to stomp all night!
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Hester at M&D's

How to deal with the vacuum monster.

I am aware that there have been a few new young buns joining us recently.

I remember Moab telling me that one thing he used to be afraid of as a young bun was the vacuum monster. Of course, Moab is a big wetty. You don't need to be afraid of the vacuum monster buns, you need to ATTACK IT!

(you will note, Moab soon out-grew his fear)...

Hester x
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Moab & Hester at M&D's


We've just been enjoying the Spring sunshine on our backs and binkying around the garden. Quite exhausted now so have come in for a rest.
Hope everybun's having a binky weekend xx
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